learning landscapes in southern africa

About the conference

e/merge 2006 - Learning Landscapes in Southern Africa is the second virtual conference on educational technology in the SADC region and builds on the e/merge 2004 conference. e/merge 2006 will take place online from 10 - 21 July 2006 and may include associated face to face events in a number of cities.

This conference focuses on online collaborative learning in our regional context of unequal access to technology and to education. The conference is primarily designed to share good practice and knowledge about educational technology innovation within the further and higher education sectors in the region, as well as to strengthen communities of researchers and practitioners.

Proposals for presentations must be submitted by Tuesday 30 January 2006. Please see the Call for Papers for more details.

Who is the conference for?
e/merge 2006 is primarily for educational technology researchers and practitioners based in Southern Africa. We will forge relationships to attract participants from other English-speaking African countries. Participants from other regions who have an interest in the use of educational technology in Southern Africa will also be warmly welcomed.

Who is organising the conference?
e/merge 2006 is organised by the Centre for Educational Technology at the University of Cape Town. We are open to collaborating with other organisations and networks in the region and beyond to ensure a high quality, dynamic conference.

What is an online conference?
In a conventional conference everyone travels to one physical location to debate conference papers and to network. In an online conference we use a website as the conference venue. We can view selected presentations, read conference papers, share useful resources, take part in debate, share best practices and network informally.

Mostly these online meetings are spread over a few days to allow us the flexibility to take part when we choose. There will also be some live meetings online which enhance the sense of shared presence and energise the conference. Overall, an online conference creates opportunities for rich conversations which grow knowledge in a community involving experts and practitioners.

How much time will it take?
That's entirely up to you. You can choose to focus on a few discussions that interest you if you have very limited time available for participation. Most participants in e/merge 2004 spent up to 10 hours online over a two week period.

What do I need to take part?
A reliable dialup or network Internet connection will allow for a full experience of the conference. However you can participate even if you only have reliable e-mail access and limited access to the Internet.

How much does the conference cost?

The conference fees have been set to encourage participation:

  • Participants based in Africa - R200
  • Participants from other regions - $100
There will be a small number of sponsored places.

How do I sign up?
Online registration opens in February 2006. if you would like to contact us before then, please email us at info@emerge2006.net.