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The OpeningScholarship Project


The OpeningScholarship project was established in July 2007 and is hosted by the Centre for Educational Technology (CET) at the UCT. It is funded by the Shuttleworth Foundation and its main aim is to explore the opportunities that ICTs and open dissemination models could offer for enhanced communication and more effective knowledge dissemination in one South African university, namely UCT.

The context for the overall investigation is provided by a set of national and international environmental scans of current policies and practices and new developments in scholarly communications for research, teaching and learning and social responsiveness. The project then investigates a South African university – the University of Cape Town – to explore how a South African university is responding to the use of ICTs, new communication channels and open and collaborative approaches for knowledge dissemination within the university community, nationally and internationally. Twelve case studies were undertaken at UCT, four of which focused on research dissemination, five on teaching and learning, and three on social responsiveness. These case studies are contextualised in the institutional reports reporting on ICTs and open dissemination at UCT. These institutional reports, together with the national and international scans, various seminars and conference papers produced from this project form the final project output.

Project outputs


Executive summary

Executive summary: The OpeningScholarship Project

Institutional reports

Institutional Report 1: Delivering a research mission in an ICT-mediated information age: The case of the University of Cape Town
Institutional Report 2: Sketching the terrain: Open Educational Resources for teaching and learning at the University of Cape Town

Position papers

Paper 1: International environmental scan of the use of ICTs for research communications in higher education
Paper 2: National environmental scan of South African scholarly publishing
Paper 3: International environmental scan of the use of ICTs for teaching and learning in higher education
Paper 4: National environmental scan of the use of ICTs for teaching and learning in higher education in South Africa
Paper 5: International environmental scan of the use of ICTs for community engagement in higher education

Case studies

Case Study 1: South African Review of Sociology
Case Study 2: Feminist Africa

Case Study 3: LitNet and OnScreen
Case Study 4: UCT Press
Case Study 5: Mobile learning
Case Study 6: Simulations for visualisation of complex processes and principles in chemical engineering and in physics
Case Study 7: Interactive spreadsheets
Case Study 8: Custom-designed virtual experiment in fracture mechanics in Mechanical Engineering
Case Study 9: Social simulation in International Law
Case Study 10: The Health and Human Rights Programme
Case Study 11: Cell-Life
Case Study 12: Masizikhulise


Download toolkit: MSWord version

Download toolkit: pdf version

Seminars and other initiatives

Seminar 1: What does Intellectual Property mean for educators?Seminar 2: Open Education Resources - Eve Gray 13 March 2008
Seminar 3: Emerging Researchers' Programme - Herding dinosaurs? Scholarly publishing in a rapidly changing environment -  Eve Gray - 26 March 2008 and My journey to open access: Reflections of a newcomer - Cheryl Hodgkinson-Williams - 26 March 2008
Seminar 4: Licensing, Publishing and New Business Models - Frances Pinter 8 February 2008

Presentation 1: Herding dinosurs or surfing new worlds: Scholarly publishing and open access to research knowledge in Africa - Eve Gray - 25 September 2007
Presentation 2: "Overcoming  the  global knowledge divide:  Open access scholarly publications in South Africa  and lessons for an Open Access approach to data" - Eve Gray - 27 September 2007
Presentation 3: Gray E and Hodgkinson-Williams, CA (2009) The public mission of South African universities: ICT use for scholarly communications for research, teaching & learning & social responsiveness in a leading South African research university. African Digital Scholarship and Curation Conference, 12-14 May 2009 CSIR Conference Centre, Pretoria.

Workshop 1: Juta/UCT Workshop The other end of the telescope: The future of academic publishing from a South African perspective - Eve Gray 11 March 2008
Workshop 2: ICEL Open Education Resources (OER) Workshop - Cheryl Hodgkinson Williams and Philipp Schmidt - 24 June 2008
Workshop 3: Elpub 2008 The other end of the telescope - Eve Gray - 27 June 2008

Events: UCT signs Cape Town Open Education Declaration - 8 April 2008

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